Team Members
Office Meeting
  • I need help to generate more international sales growth in specific markets?

  • How do I get better performance from my distribution chain? Does it make sense to assemble or manufacture in that particular market?

  • What do I need to do to get my business BREXIT-ready?

  • What are the options to fund the growth of my business? 

  • Can I get a start-up loan?

  • What expenditure is eligible for R&D Tax Relief and what could that be worth?

  • What are the grant/debt/equity growth funding options and who can help me access them? 

Business Meeting
Data Reviewing
  • I need an experienced ex-MD/CEO to help us develop our leadership and communication, or mentor our sales management. 

  • Does everyone in our business know and understand the basic company goals and their part in achieving them? Are we communicating the current situation and response plans effectively?

  • We need an experienced mentor to help our managers to lead and our sales management to improve performance. 

  • I need help to return this business to profitable growth … from someone who has done it before.

  • Does everyone know the plan – really know?

  • Is the management team completely in tune and communicating effectively?

  • Have we got an effective sales margin and pipeline control?

  • Have we established waste reduction targets? Is the supply chain feeling the pressure?